Rockin' With The Sikh

Peter Singh 76

This TV programme tells the story of Peter Singh, a Swansea based take away food shop owner, imbued with the spirit of Elvis, who loves to rock'n'roll.

Why is this on the Man band pages ? Because for a while, he was backed by various members of the band. Read on...

The TV programme shows Peter in his take away, demonstrating his love of rock'n'roll, while remaining a committed Sikh, and giving a sample of one of his songs, Bindi Bhaji Boogie : "I don't smoke dope / I don't drink bourbon / All I want to do / Is shake my turban". Peter is also featured on stage, performing Blue Suede Shoes, backed by Martin Ace, Micky Jones and Pugwash (plus A.N.Other), Peter resplendent in white rhinestone suit of Elvis' Las Vegas era.

We are also treated to a Martin Ace interview, in which he gives a glorious deadpan explanation about one of the compositions he wrote for Peter: "You couldn't write a song like Turbans Over Memphis for Marty Wilde, because he doesn't wear a turban."

Peter is also shown out walking with his family (including body popping sons) and giving a radio interview explaining how he felt when he heard of Elvis' death. His wife and the Sikh religious authorities also voice their approval, there is a burst of another song, Elvis I'm on the Phone, and a few words from Pete Feenstra, who is also familiar to Man fans.

Overall, it's a strange programme, certainly not the micky take you would expect, but a legitimate documentary.

The 30 minute program was made in 1986, and originally broadcast on Channel 4.

Thanks to Mark Davies, who lent me his tape of the show about three years ago. OK Mark, you can have the tape back now...

Martin Ace discusses Peter Singh in an interview in issue 4 of the fanzine The Welsh Connection.

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