The Welsh Connecion

The Welsh Connecion The Welsh Connection was a splendid fanzine/newsletter edited and compiled by respected music journalist and Man fan, Michael Heatley.

TWC started off in January 1991, and came out on a regular basis since then until the end of 2009. Originally a substantial magazine, it was later condensed into a slimmer newsletter format - Michael has to make a living, don't forget, and made nothing out of the publication of TWC.

It contained news, reviews, interviews, and all manner of Man related trivia and gossip. Also featured were items relating to the many offshoots and side line projects instigated by band members past and present, and if you know anything at all about Man, you'll know how substantial and numerous these are. It also made available a number of special offers to be found nowhere else - tee shirts, cassettes, books and the like, and regularly boasted articles written by that multi-talented artiste, Deke Leonard.

I am proud to have been a subscriber since issue 1, and can heartily recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in the Man band.

Michael made the difficult decision to bring and end to TWC at the end of 2009, mainly due to the falling subscription numbers. These figures had been on a downhill slope for a few years, but with the schism the band suffered at the end of 2008, Michael decided enough was enough. A tough decision, but you have to repect him to taking it as far as he did.

The good news is, Michael has vowed to spend the time he would have dedicated to TWC to continue promoting the band through his network of long established journalistic contacts. His efforts on the band's behalf will continue...

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