Deke Leonard - Map of India

Front Cover

This single was recorded round about the same time as Deke's third solo album, Before Your Very Eyes, and released in 1979; for some obscure reason was never included on the original vinyl version. This has to be one of the greatest blunders in the history of recorded music, (well, maybe a slight exggeration), since I believe it to be one of Deke's best ever songs. As often seems to be the case with these matters, I only came upon it by chance when I ducked into an obscure record shop in Leeds to get out of the rain. (This must have been in the days before pubs stayed open all afternoon).

Inside Cover

Looking at the photos, I get the impression that the powers that be were trying to impose a change of image on Mr. Leonard - there is a distinct soft focus feel, and an overall impression of wistful longing. This almost, but not quite, is reflected in the song itself, whish I read as being about unfulfilled ambition. Those with a keen eye for detail will note Deke is wearing the same appalling ring as he does on the cover for Before Your Very Eyes.

Back Cover

The B side, Hey There! (Lady in the Black Tuxedo) is pretty good too.

If anyone was wondering, no, this piece of historic vinyl is NOT for sale.

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