Martin Mycock - Mannerisms II


Note: This version is now longer for sale. This is good news, as it means Martin is preparing a new edition, provisionally to be published in 2003. If anyone has any material which they think may be of use, please contact Martin - details below.

This is described on the cover as an Information Booklet. Martin Mycock must be a master of understatement. This version 2 now runs to 140 pages, and is simply packed with facts, facts and more facts.

Not quite sure which album Tweke Lewis joined the Man band for?

What was the name of that part time band Micky played with in 1991?

Where did Iceberg play on June 22 1973?

It's all in here, plus a whole load more. Family trees of the Man band and all the related offshoots you could possibly think of, their discographies and list after list of tour dates. If the Man band or any individual related to them have been aywhere near your town, it will be documented here. There are things here which the Man band themselves never even knew about, never mind have forgotten about. It numbs the mind.

Especially interesting are setlists (where available), so you can track individual songs as the came into favour and dropped out again. I hadn't previously been aware the Keep on Crinting had been part of the live set, which means at some time or another, all of Be Good To Yourself has been played live. There's also a section about unreleased material, audio and video, so if you happened to be in Holland in 1969, you'll know they were on TV at that time. Phew...

My favourite part of the tome is the reprints of band interviews from NME, Melody Maker and the like. It's frightening, but I remember reading some of these first time around... And it's is very odd to think that somewhere there must be a Portugese version of the Day And Night single.

As I've said, it's packed with facts, facts, facts. No attempt is made at commentary, which is absolutely the right thing to do, or you wouldn't be able to lift it, never mind read it. If the documentary minutiae of the Man band has any interest at all for you, this is essential. Get it.

Mannerisms II, by Martin Mycock, published June 1995.

Available in the UK for 8.50 (cheque/PO to M.Mycock) from:

P.O.Box 38
West Midlands, WS9 9EW.

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