The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

Saturday April 20, 1996

I don't need to go on at length about this... Having seen the band a few weeks previously at Ashton, I had been slightly disappointed - the performance was OK, but Terry didn't seem to have been fully integrated back into the band. Good, excellent news - on the strength of this performance, the reintegration is complete, and the band turned in a top class set.

In fact, I'd probably go so far as to suggest that Terry was the star of the show, producing a real virtuoso performance, which was alone worth the price of admission.

C'mon saw the entire band relaxed, as you might expect, since Terry should be as familiar with this as any of us, Trouble showed he has also progressed in working his way into the newer material as well. Call Down the Moon continues to grow and mature as a live piece, though for me the highlight of the night was Drivin' Around, especially the uptempo second part. Unlike at Ashton, Deke didn't have the problems of getting in and out from behind his keyboard, which helped.

The usual trio of oldies closed the set, and if I have any complaint, (and it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't), it would be that there is still too much emphasis given to these older songs. I still enjoy, Many are Called, Bananas and Romain, but to get all three together at every gig suggests a touch of laziness. Maybe the guy who always yells "Bananas" at the start of the set is not just annoying Martin, but actually trying to get them not to do it. If so, it isn't working. One irony of this is that the one older part of the set that has been cut - the intro to Ride - was often the most interesting. I'm not saying new material is essential - the band probably need a little more time getting used to Terry again to see what new stuff they can come up with - but there is definitely scope for some different old stuff to make its way back into the set. I have my own ideas on what, but this isn't really the place to air them.

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