The Lincoln's Imp, Scunthorpe

11 November 1998

Review courtesy of Paul Hollingsworth

This was a cracking set, although the sound quality, in my opinion, was not as good as at Colne a couple of weeks earlier. Having hung around in the bar for a bit, they started playing about 9:30 and kept going virtually non-stop for two hours with:

After a short breather they came back and played Bananas and Romaine as if it was the first tune of the night. Quite stunning. The boys were in fine form all night. Bob Richards is playing like a demon, it's a shame these venues only have space for him to bring out a small kit. He is now, quite clearly, one of the band. There was much good humoured banter going on back on forth during the gig including Mickey whacking Bob's cymbals and Bob attempting to twist Mickey's machine heads. They are obviously having fun and at the end of the night Bob was the only one showing signs of fatigue, Martin's poorly chest having had no significant effect on his performance. Everyone was talking about the Astoria gig this weekend, its clear that excitement is mounting as the tour reaches its climax. I wish it was possible for me to be there, but it just isn't. Still, I had a great night and so did the rest of the crowd. I say crowd, because this band are becoming one of life's great unanswered puzzles to me. Why does a world class band with 30 years of playing with great skill to a devoted set of fans only manage to draw about 60 people to gig? OK it was in the (well appointed) function room of a pub in the middle of a council housing estate in Scunthorpe, but really? 60 people? They must love it.

I know I do.

Thanks to Paul for writing this review. Paul also took some photos of this show (as he did at Swansea), which are now available for viewing in the Photo Gallery page.

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