Terry Williams

Terry Williams Terry returned to the band a few years back for a short spell after Pugwash's departure. This chap is known, without a hint of irony, to all Manfans as The World's Greatest Drummer. If you're unfamiliar with Terry's drumming, you probably think this is typical web hype. Sorry bud, you're wrong. During the 1980's Terry worked, live and in the studio, with a number of rock's most prestigious artists. (Note I didn't say best, but prestigious. I'm trying really hard not to let my prejudices show here). Including, among others, Dire Straits, Meatloaf and Tina Turner. Love 'em or loath 'em, bear this in mind - they can afford to employ the best.

You want the world's greatest drummer?

You want Terry Williams.

Enough hero worship. How does he play? As you'd expect from the above, he's flexible but precise. No all out Keith Moon style thrasher, he always seems to know just what's right for a particular song. His drumming is never the first thing you notice, because it blends in so seamlessly with its context. This doesn't mean he just keeps it simple and sticks to the tempo - he's more than capable of throwing in a flashy fill or unexpected beat. It's only when you make the effort to focus on the drumming that you appreciate what a good job he does.

Terry wasn't the band's original drummer, but first joined Man at the beginning of the seventies, and stuck with them up until the split in 1977. Other work commitments kept him away from the band when they reformed in the early eighties, though he kept in touch and joined in on the odd special occasion. Then when John Weathers parted company in late 1995, he was an obvious choice as replacement, and even better was actually available. Hence the Ace-Williams rhythm powerbase was briefly reunited. Apparently, it was his fondness for the bottle that led to his departure this time around.

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