John (Pugwash) Weathers


John Weathers, aka Pugwash, joined the Man band when they reformed in the early eighties. Prior to that, he did have definite connections to the Man family - he played with Eyes Of Blue, along side Phil Ryan, did other stuff with Phil in his Neutrons project, and perhaps most crucially, was born in Wales.

He spent much of the seventies as a part of Gentle Giant, a progressive band of technically skilled musicians who built up a loyal hard core following, but never achieved the success of similar minded contemporaries such as Yes, Genesis or Greenslade.

This background might seems at odds with the Man band ethos, but on stage Pugwash is a powerful, driving drummer with stamina to spare, and along with Martin Ace provided an unshakable rhythm foundation. Pugwash worked on both the studio albums of the nineties, The Twang Dynasty and Call Down The Moon, and on the track from the latter, Burn My Working Clothes, played guitar and took lead vocal (with Ace on bass drum and harmonica); on stage, this was sometimes used as a memorable encore.

John has done some work in TV music since leaving the Man band, and has been involved in the midst of a much rumoured Gentle Giant reunion.

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