Micky Jones

Micky Jones As noted elsewhere, the Man band first came into being at the end of the sixties, from sixties pop group The Bystanders. Since then they have been through enough incarnations to keep the most industrious of genealogists busy. Only one individual has been ever present, Jones the guitar. This may indicate a singular, indefatigable drive. On the other hand, it has been said that he has always been just too lazy to leave.

Micky is doubtless the most accomplished musician in the band, despite appearing to be the most laid back and disinterested member of the group. When ever witnessed live on stage, there has been a consistent demonstration of technique and feel for the electric guitar which I have rarely seen equalled. His playing is never mere routine, and each live performance sees him improvising and experimenting to some degree. One of the reasons Man still play their older songs live has to be that Micky Jones refuses to settle for doing things in a routine, established way, and instead finds new and interesting ways of expressing himself.

His voice might not be the strongest you've ever heard, but it's a marvel how he manages to get such a depth of emotion into his singing, while still playing faultless guitar. In fact, on the 1996 studio album Call Down The Moon, I believe I have never heard him sing better.

On June 12 2002, Micky Jones underwent an operation to remove a brain tumour. Doctors were pleased with the results, and by mid July he was back at home. In April 2004, he had another operation on his skull which allowed him to return to a normal life (whatever that is). After a short while back with the Man band and various solo bits and pieces, Micky was forced to leave the Man band and concentrate on what is really, more important - his health.

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