Martin Ace

Martin Ace

Martin joined Man at the back end of the sixties, and drifted in and out of the lineup throughout the seventies. His time away form the band was spent in a variety of projects, most notably in the band The Flying Aces, along side his wife George. He has been a driving force of the band since its reformation in the early eighties.

Martin plays bass and sings. I could leave it at that, but it doesn't really do the man justice. Martin has a stage presence and sense of humour which could have served him equally as well in a career of stand up comedy. An immense repertoire of one-liners and comebacks are a match for any would-be heckler. (Just ask about the time Martin met Tommy Cooper). He's done some acting, including a role in the Welsh film Twintown. All this, and when required to play heavy metal, he is more than proficient on the tuba.

OK, so he's an all round entertainer... what about his music ? He has no aspirations to being an avant-garde jazz fusion bassist, that's for sure, and likes to keep it straight forward and simple. His voice is strong enough to hold its own on his own songs, which is just as well, since his quirky humour comes through in his songwriting as well, and might not be handled too well by Micky or Deke. A natural front man, he has also played part time in a variety of pickup bands, in a wide range of styles, encompassing skiffle and rock-a-billy among others; Poco Loco is one such band he has fronted at one of The Welsh Conventions.

On occasions, he has shown a strange taste in shoes.

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