George Jones

George Jones

He's Micky's son. what else do you need to know?

OK. When his dad went through a period of forced inactivity following the discovery of his brain tumour in 2002, George accepted the challenge of stepping into his old man's shoes. Though a bit quiet and studious in his first few gigs, George's confidence quickly grew to the point where he was a more than adequate stand-in. He soon learnt to find his way around the songs and proved very able at putting his own mark on the solos, rather than just copying what Jones snr. had done.

George had previously played with his band The Channel Hoppers, and released a solo EP, Noodles, which to some extent demonstrated how his influences veer slightly more to the harder side of rock than Micky.

Just when Micky was fit enough to return to the Man band, Deke Leonard announced he was leaving, so it was a pretty obvious move for George to stay put. Now though, he has to fill in for Deke and complement Micky, rather than vice versa. You have to think that this is a great education for a talented young guitarist. Great things are expected of him.

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