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Recorded live at the Roundhouse on 13 February 1972, The Greasy Truckers was a vaguely charitable organization; this was from one of two events; similarly minded bands also appeared on stage and on the original vinyl. This CD features just the Man contribution, transferred from one and a half sides of the original LP, so it is, by modern 70 minute plus CD standards, short. But sweet. Oh, it's sweet.

The band had recently lost organist Clive John, but the four piece Jones - Leonard - Ace - Williams lineup nevertheless was a convincing, cohesive unit. Here on this CD is the evidence.

Spunk Rock is one of several Man songs to have achieved legendary status, and it is likely that this version is as definitive as any other. The playing is taut, polished, and perfectly honed. The rhythm section is precise and insistent, and Jones' and Leonard's guitars play off each other to breathtaking effect, with all manner of wahwah, riffs and chops. Listen to this track and it's hard to imagine any bassist other than Martin Ace playing with this band. They obviously knew what they're doing, and they do it perfectly without getting bored. And this recording, at 21 minutes, only started part way through! Deke has gone on record as saying that it was "one of the best things we've ever done", and it's certainly true, of the first half of the 1970's at least.

Angel Easy is a bit of an anticlimax after that... not a standout song to begin with, it never had a chance of being as fondly remembered; it doesn't help that the vocals are a bit low in the mix as the guitars dominate.

But that's a minor quibble - I guarantee, nobody bought this for Angel Easy.

Originally issued in April 1972.

Available on Point, PNTVP104CD

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