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So, it's Jones - Leonard - Ace - Williams, and playing very much on home territory (check an atlas). Many Are Called, almost a fixture in the set, is interesting here as it had been released in studio version only a few months before. This cut shows more delicacy than later versions, and has great sound, with an excellent live, echoey feel. And as much as anything, Terry's drumming is superb. No surprise there then.

Daughter Of The Fireplace didn't spend too long in the live set, so this rendering is very welcome. Deke messes about a bit on guitar in the intro, and once the song proper gets underway, the mix proves to be slightly uneven, with the vocal being a bit low down, and again, terrific unrestrained drumming. Since the track was reintroduced to the live set at the end of the century, it's especially heartening to hear this earlier live version, even if the mix is frustrating.

The jam H.Samuel isn't really one of Man's career highlights; the intro sounds like a jazz spoof, all syncopated rhythms and chopped guitar chords before some rather Cippolina-esque guitar comes in. The first part does sound very Quicksliver inspired, and eventually it wends its way into parts of Can The Christians Wait... and Alchemist from the 1970 Man album. Personally, I don't think it really works, and veers towards self indulgence at times; maybe you had to be there to fully appreciate it. Then again, maybe that wouldn't help either, since at the finish, neither band nor audience seem too sure whether the song has ended or not.

This release makes a perfect accompaniment to the Greasy Truckers CD, being from a similar period, the same lineup, and with no overlap of songs performed.

Originally issued in September 1972.

Available on Beat Goes On BGOCD365

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